International Certificate Program for New Media




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The ICPNM Academy, also known as imedia, is named for the International Certificate Program for New Media, offering an intensive, full-time certificate program for those who wish to develop, design and implement new media projects. The program emphasizes activity-based learning that enables participants to encounter design and technology directly and understand how they work together most effectively. Its goal is to provide a rich environment for interactive digital media instruction, research and practice, while focusing on both technological expertise and the creative potential of each participant. In doing so, imedia believes in offering exceptional opportunities for the innovative, interdisciplinary exploration of digital media. To this end, imedianot only offers a basic level of certification (referred to as "ICPNM"), but is also currently developing two subsequent program levels.

Participants in ICPNM must hold an associate's degree or higher. Two classes are admitted each academic year, one commencing in the Fall and one in the Springl. After an intense period of study, which includes both coursework and a practicum, participants receive a certificate attesting to their successful achievement of the high standards outlined by imedia's renowned managing members.

A consortium of universities around the world collaborates with imedia and recognizes its certification. In addition, lecturers from other academic collaborators participate in special educational presentations and events.

Using web, video, data visualization, 3D modeling and animation applications, ICPNM participants experience the design process as a problem-identifying, solution-seeking endeavor. They also learn and apply scripting languages as a means of expanding beyond commercially available applications. Additional topics include design and technology project management, technology evaluation, multimedia business, e-commerce, product interface development and data communication. Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises, participants come to understand the fundamental principles of industry-standard software applications.

Participants assume a variety of roles as they work both individually and in teams. Many instructors and visiting critics are drawn from the INI-GraphicsNet and RISD's degree programs and its Continuing Education Department. Instructors are usually practitioners in a specific field of interactive digital media.

The core curriculum covers design, computer science and business management, and enables participants to forge links to other participating universities, research institutes and corporate entities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Whether participants wish to augment their previous study or professional experience with a deeper understanding of interactive digital media, or to experience the challenges of a multicultural, team-based learning environment for the first time, ICPNM has something unique to offer.

imedia does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, disability, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, or age.